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Magic and Crystals in Esoteric Art: a journey between fashion history and science

magic of crystals

Stones and crystals today

Today we are used to seeing crystals and precious stones, in the stalls of the folk and esoteric-themed festivals, we are increasingly used to using them as pendants or as precious trinkets in an attempt to make good fortuneors or other special abilities.
We are also used to their use from a therapeutic and holistic point of view, often combined with Oriental practices, or Neo- shamanism and finally it is not uncommon to see them even in environments of occultism and magic, often used for exorcisms and purifications.
But how much of what vine proposed is reality, fashion or simple marketing?

The Stones in Esotericism

The concept of “stone” is a subject widely used in esoteric reflection environments, so much so that the Roman Catholic Church itself builds its own “esoteric” knowledge about the ambivalence between Peter and Stone.
Even the alchemic schools of thought, and the Free Wall (Masonry) base their philosophy on the power of the “raw stone” and “perfect stone” or philosopher’s stone (lapidis Philosophorum ), wanting to represent the man or aspirant such as a stone precious that is extracted in its roughest form from a mine, and worked by wise hands of a Master Craftsman, until it reaches its maximum refinement through precise degrees.

The origin of this typical association comes from the dual consciousness that:

– Even the greatest wonders of the world built of stone, are made from millions of bricks made from raw materials, often of little value.

-stones, rocks and crystals are among the oldest and most early elements of our planet, they preserve memories and know, brutal as well as refined, able to give great power to those who know how to appreciate them….

(You’ll find more in the woods than in books. Trees and rocks will teach you things that no master will tell you – Bernardo Di Clairvaux)

The stones in the Pagan Magic Tradition

Today there are many neo-pagan and neo-shamanism schools that promote the use of crystals within their own venues, often with practices and associations that seem to coincide with the rituals and practices proproste in holistic new-age schools.

However, the chronicles of the ancients, and the historical finds found in tombs or thanks to some writings, have succeeded in the purposes that indeed some mineral stones were used in some magical proceedings, in the evocation of “primordial” entities, or in negromantic rituals, through work with the spirits of nature and the deceased.
It seems that Irish Celtic druidism, by erigging practices of pre-Celtic populations in Ireland, also made use of quarts and granites (in obviously extreme rituals) associated with spiritualism.
A further example of the use of quartzi, we find it in the system of tombs of New Grange (3000 BC) in Ireland, where the tumolo was apparently covered with quartzi (now preserved in museums or raided by vikings).
In the vein of these researches some scholars have come to assume that the same Germanic shamans, used stones, quarts and calcites in necromantic-spiritual work perhaps in different ways to those druid but in a very similar way.
What is certain is that most of the crystals were used in the magic of death, implying diametrically opposed connotations to those proposed today, and certainly were not used in the construction of runes, where I personally do not recommend them use.

The study of crystals

From what were the rituals of the ancients, through the magical Greek-Egyptian use of certain minerals (such as obsidian), or to astrological associations through the studies of philosophers (expertly designed by Agrippa), the use of crystals to date has been remarkable, and if the associations often proposed are of the dozen type with simple associations according to color/chakra; what was the school of the ancients, today can be strongly enhanced through the study of chemical and mineral composition as well as through the electronic configuration of the elements themselves.
It is precisely these types of studies that will be analysed and considered in the beginning of the articles.

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