la runa ansuz

Alternative Names
Anglo-Freisian/Germanic: Ansuz
Norse (Viking): Ass
Old English: Os
Other names/spellings: Aesir, Ansur, Ansus, As, Aza,
Easc, Oss

Pronunciation: Awn – sooze

English Lettere Equivalent
A as in hat. Long A as in harm, lawn.

A god. Odin, (in reverse Loki – messenger of the gods and a trickster)

Knowledge. Wisdom. Communication. The mouth. A message.

Ansuz is primarily Odin’s rune and represents communication, creativity, controlled and divine power. Spiritually, it is the rune of prophecy and revelation. It also encompasses the ideas of wisdom, knowledge, reason, and therefore of instruction and good advice. It might also refer to a test, examination, or perhaps an interview. It can mean a letter, book, paper, message or other information. Because Loki was a renowned trickster, Ansuz reversed may also portend a surprise, trick or subterfuge.

Personal Interpretation
The answers to questions are available but not yet recognized. Look for signs and confirmations which are all around. Everything has significance and appreciation of this will lead to understanding. Ensure you don’t ignore the message because you don’t like the content. All experience is a lesson that teaches by acknowledging the truth knowledge and wisdom will increase.

Take care not to misinterpret information. Something you read is more important than it appears. Beware pranks.

Failed communication. Lack of clarity or awareness. Hidden messages. Secrets. Information disguised. What appears to be a trick is genuine.

Runic Number:4

Color:  Dark Blue

Element: Air

Polarity: Male

Associated gods: Odin, Loki, Eostre

Astrological Correspondence: Venus

gemstone emerald

tree ash

plant fly agaric

Tarot Talk by Leila Vey

To me, Ansuz is unmistakably linked with The Hierophant.

 The hierophant is the mouthpiece of God. He communicates spiritual knowledge and wisdom, intermediates between Spirit and regular folk, and teaches truth and tradition through the generations.