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This section is reserved for European historiographical research, delves into the evolution of European cults and traditions (vulgarly defined pagan, in an attempt to create a trace, a map, so that more clarity can be made on the history Europe.

Pagan Chronicles

Within the pagan chronicles there is a collection of archaea – anthropological studies on the evolution of European polytheistic cults.

Diana’s Tradition – Artemis

This section delves into the myths, legends in folklore and traditions dedicated to Diana and Artemis.

Olympic tradition

in this section is made “a rough study” on what is the Olympic tradition (gods of Olympus), with broad references to the Latin – Greek – Etruscan world.

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Celtic Tradition

This section analyzes the evolution of the Celtic-Hellenic tradition, analyzing the bridges between the two traditions, and the subsequent cultural schim.

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Germanic tradition

This section analyzes the different Germanic cults and their evolutions.

large migrations

A series of articles dedicated to the nomadism of the cult during the fall of the Roman Empire, in particular Longobards and Unni.

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