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Italian witchcraft (stregheria), or simply witchcraft (stregheria), is a traditional form of witchcraft  that belongs to the panorama of European folklore of the post-medieval era, and which has found new emphasis in The Living Rooms of the Victorian era.

(translation note : in italian normally the word that indicate “generic witchcraft” is “stregoneria” but to indicate the specific italian witchcraft some folks have invented the neologism “stregheria”)

On this page it will be possible to draw a historiographic map of the cults of European folklore that led to the origin of witchcraft itself, until it revising the past through the eyes of those who lived in that dark era made of prejudices and superstitions.

Tregenda of Italian witchry
a tregenda or witchs’ sabbath, according to popular iconography

History of Italian Witchcraft

European witch cults

  • le streghe d’italia
  • le streghe spagnole
  • le streghe tedesche
  • le streghe Slave
  • le streghe del regno unito

Storie di streghe

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