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Since ancient times interpreting dreams has been an activity, the object of analysis and study in all the cultures of the world.
Memories are the biblical passages of Joseph who interpreted the dreams to the Egyptian Pharaoh, or the responses of the various oracles and hisses, which in some cases interpreted the dreams of others or in others were themselves to dream and interpret…

interpreting dreams


dreams not only represent, an intense activity and deep elaboration of the experience by our psyche, but represent a real bridge between the material world of everyday life and the higher worlds of the spirit; for this reason priests, shamans, scientists and psychologists continue their work on the interpretation of dreams.

The art of divination through dreams is also normally called: oniromancy

how to learn the art of interpreting dreams

In this article I explain in detail how and when to affect dreams, and all the techniques of storing dreams.

come intepretare i sogni

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