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The Lunar Calendar, unlike the solar calendar, is used to observe the cycles of the moon and understand on which certain days the phases of the new, full or waning moon will occur.

A series of lunar calendars are also available on this page:
the first updated to the current lunar phase, and a list of calendars containing all the day-to-day steps updated according to the years, and a list of calendars dedicated only to full moons (esbat).

lunar calendar

lunar calendar year by year.

In this section there is a list of lunar calendars divided by year:

  • 2018 Lunar Stages Calendar
  • 2019 Lunar Stages Calendar


calendar of full moons (esbat)

These section is a calendar dedicated to only full moons (esbat) according to the neopagan – wicca method.

  • Full moons calendar – esbat 2018
  • Full moons calendar – esbat 2019

all calendars